Wednesday, January 30, 2013

feeling rather clever

clever because i threaded a needle on the first try.  and then used it to sew!  all before 6:30 in the morning.  feeling pretty smug about that one.

and then i enticed sparkaliciousdingdongkittycat to play with one end of a string and aidan's cat eclipse to play with the other which ended in a kittycat tug of war.  pretty hysterical for a wednesday morning.  hysterical because the cats were unaware that another cat had the string, or hysterical that i found myself so very, very clever?  i'll let you decide.

but i will tell you that it feels way better than feeling guilty.  especially mom guilt.  it is the worst.  it nibbles around the edges of your heart; little stinging wounds.  it burns from the inside out. 
eeeeerrrrrrrrrrchhhh.  (insert the screech of braking tires here as i slam the brakes on the drama)

 but seriously, i feel stupidly and terribly guilty that both of our children broke bones this weekend while we were living the life of luxury and blistered toes in vegas, celebrating melapalooza and sarabration for the first annual bff extravaganza. [insert ridiculous picture of sara and i laughing until we cried over a little origami cup and a furry guy that is apparently on tony's phone]

i felt so bad i promptly burned my middle finger on a steaming tortilla in a sign of solidarity.  i know that it didn't matter to the basketball that grammie was in the stands instead of me.  that basketball was going to fracture aidan's pinkie no matter who was there.  as for the girl who rolled over nadia's hand fracturing her knuckle, freak accident.  somersaults are dangerous work for cheerleaders apparently.  but still, i wasn't there to hug them and i can't help but feel bad about it.  especially when aidan told me nadia was crying in her sleep, but not to worry because he told her it was going to be ok. 

uggh.  knife-straight-through-the-heart.  grammie was there and gave lots of loving.  papa was there and waited on them hand and foot.  karen and brad were there to hug on nadia too.  so really, all was well. thank goodness for the village. 

i will leave you with this picture of a peanut butter chocolate heaven in my ever loving mouth cupcake
and a thought... if i was truly clever, i would have had a twelve pack of these suckers shipped home for the village.  my sincerest thanks will have to do.  


Trevor and Sara said...

Dude...if I was your teacher, I would write across the top of this essay: "Articulate, poignant, funny, and so well-written!" I should have eaten one of those cupcakes.

Bella Mente said...

For one... that cupcake looks too good to be true... two of my favorite flavors in a cupcakery heaven... and holy crap! 2 broken bones? Aiden and I can have matching broken pinkies now! On the brightside, I am so excited to see that he is playing basketball and that Nadia is cheerleading! How stinking cool!! I love love love how they have been adventuring multiple paths of interest and excitement in their little lives so far- I can only imagine all of the experiences they will continue to have. You guys are pretty damn good parents if I do think so myself... but how dare you enjoy such a fabulous vacation?! ;)