Monday, August 30, 2010

does childhood disappear the first day of 3rd grade?

Oh sad, sad day.

Not sad that Nadia loved every minute of 2nd grade.  Loved her friends.  Made new friends.  Loved library. And loved hip hop class after school.  Not sad that she walked with confidence off to her portable. Not sad that she gets to be with her besties.

Not sad that Aidan blew us a kiss and tore off after his friends.  Loved that he rocked his 'english test'.  Loved that his teacher is 'so not strict'.  And not sad that he worked out a long standing misunderstanding with a certain 3rd grader. 

Not sad that Tony and I both were able to make it again this year for their first day of school. 

No, 3rd grade brings the dreaded question.
"mom, are you and dad the ones who do the tooth fairies work?"

Really? I can't lie to that little face.  I told Aidan the truth and asked him to please not tell his sister yet, please let her enjoy 7 and 8 believing. 

"so are you santa too?"

You're killing me little man.  So I told him the truth on that one and told him what I believe to be the true story of who Santa is and why parents work so hard to uphold the tradition.  Again, I asked him to help us let Nadia believe for just a little while longer.

"mom, am I going through puberty?"

Oh my! We spent the next few minutes talking about hair in funny places. 
Yes, he asked me to look.
       and I did.
Yes, I pretended like it was no big deal. 
       and it is.
Yes, I totally have the heebie jeebies that he is wondering about pubes and pimples. 

What has 3rd grade done?

pictures of the first day of school, when innocence still reigned...
it is tradition for tony & i to take off work and take the kids to school. 
this picture shows why tony doesn't usually get the camera.
waving to our friends and preparing to cross the street safely, thanks to the awesome crossing guards.
one quick picture together.
a hug...
or two.
nadia, hannah & megan- the three amigas.
one electrifyingly handsome dude.
off he goes.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

a blur

i am not sure where to start, mostly because i am not sure where we have been.  i do know that there were some things that happened.  i really wanted to insert an adjective before things but i am not sure which. good? quick? messy? blushing? real? hazy? i wish i knew.  but it has been such a blur that i really don't.

if i close my eyes and think real hard i can remember things...

things like aidan giggling lately. he read this book about a bad cat that brought giggling tears to his eyes. i also remember he has started to use a little 'tude on me. he is still my biggest fan though so i forgive him as he learns that i am never to be on the receiving end of that.

things like the she-market. now that was a lot of women. and a lot of sun. and some good conversation.  and more than a lot of clothes.

things like margo breaking out of her kennel, stealing away to my closet and eating four pairs of my heels, chewing on my clothes and shaking the bageezus out of a bag of hanger clips.  tony's slippers were tenderly slobbered but there was not a bit of damage.  there was slobber 12 feet high on the wall.  i don't even want to think about what was going through her mind.

things like sending the kids to grammie and papa's. when we went to pick them up they asked when they could go back. they love their grandparents so. 

things like throwing responsibility out and going to the hermiston pool.  just the four of us.  the four of us and jalapeno sunflower seeds. watching the kids in the pool by themselves while we sit back soaking in the rays that squeeze past the overcast haze.  i still can't believe we are at the stage where we can be more than an arms length from them, but if i am honest then i will admit that i miss them needing me so much.

things like staff trainings where i had to speak in front of all the school. i didn't know i could get so nervous but manage to keep my voice from cracking. who knew that would pale in comparison to the nerves i would feel at the all staff rally?  who knew that the sight of my husband and kids at said rally could cause my neck to contract so tight i thought my windpipe was cramping? who knew that people would say such nice things about me as teacher and i would win a district staff achievement award? sara knew. tony knew. and neither spilled the beans.

things like the joy of knowing noni-b will have her besties in class this year. and the joy of her starting hip-hop. and the joy of her having a teacher that has pledged to encourage her reading. and the joy of her loving to be called noni-b by me. she told me so last night as we cuddled while tony read the house a chapter. 

things like reading. i love to sink into a good book. one that sticks to my bones like grandma sue's chicken and noodles. one i can't stop thinking about even after the last page is turned.

things like babies hooting with me. when nico looks at me i feel like i am the only one in his world. so lucky to have him. so lucky trevor and sara share him.

things like filling aidan and nadia's backpacks. new pens because aidan is in 3rd which means that they get to use pens which apparently is a very big deal. new crayons, the 120 count kind because for a girl like nadia you simply need every single color. that is just how you see the world, if you are girl like her.

things like seeing a friend who is struggling to maintain hope without a diagnosis of why her body is betraying her. seeing her look and knowing she feels everyday the 72 year old woman she is when for as long as i have known her she has been ageless.  things like hoping she gets a cure so she can live her retirement.

things like checking to see if you can squeak by without doing the laundry.  we will lay out our clothes for the week tonight instead of just the next day, because when you leave your pocket knife in your pocket, chances are you will slice the rubber seal on the washer. i didn't want to wash clothes anyway. 

things like knowing that the blur continues and being thankful that i have the good fortune to have good company as i swirl and speed through.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

he, mykids & i

with no rhyme

no reasonand no time to write...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

not so much goin' to the chapel

more like goin' to our backyard.

That fishy face on the left,
a fishy face I love dearly,
one I am so lucky to call sister,
got murried.

That's right! She tied the knot. Strapped on the ol' ball n chain. Gave up her bachelorette days.  Sowed her last wild oats.  Settled down.  Joined the institution. 

to this guy.

what a wonderful pair

Their's is a modern love story, complete with a meeting and a ceremony conducted by an online-ordained minister who just so happens to be our brother James (who doubled as the chef, father to a ring-bearer, a flower girl and husband to a bridesmaid).

They have known each other for five years, lived in three states together, have two dogs and are raising Lane and Kaid together.  And last Saturday, August 7th 2010, they married.  The ceremony was simple and beautiful.  The reception was delicious and fresh.  Fresh and uncomplicated, just like I hope their marriage is.  There were friends and family abound and so many people helped make this day special. 

a calm bride getting ready

Melanie, a bridesmaid & Grace, a birthday girl

Aidan and I gussying up









and Andria was the picture of loveliness...
the bride

the prince

the maxwells

the smiths keeping it hot in the kitchen

some cousins

and more cousins

and more cute cousins

James & Debi

mother of the bride

father of the bride and the happy couple!

'Ye are Blood of my Blood, and Bone of my Bone.
I give ye my Body, that we Two might be One.
I give ye my Spirit, 'til our Life shall be Done.'

Monday, August 2, 2010

waves & lines & cherry peanut butter sandwiches

Grammie and Papa put us up at Geraldine's B & B for Aidan & Lane's combo-birthday-bash after we had dinner at the Spaghetti Factory.  We were in the great city of Spokane, a city known for birthing wonderful people.  You know, like Bing Crosby, Andria Maxwell and Me.  Spumoni ice cream topped the birthday-night for my main man. 
I still can't believe he is nine!
Well, I suppose it stepping in poo, the species of origin still unknown, was the true topper of the evening on the town.
The next morning...SILVERWOOD. 
Bumper boats are fun for one and all...except if your name begins with A and ends with r-i-a and you have a strategic invisible target that beacons one and all to fire freezing water upon you. Good thing she recovers quickly.

Squirting others is nearly as much fun as being in the boats, with only half the wait. 

What do you do while 5/8ths of your party are waiting in a forever of a line for the tremors roller coaster?  Well, don spectacularly funky hats of course. 

and, if you are a really awesome cousin, you let your little cousin take you on the carousal too.

and, try to take a picture of the crazies on the coaster but fail miserably.  But, you can still capture their queasy expressions as they get off. 
Thanks to a picnic provided by Jill from the B&B we were able to save some cash and go back to the cars to eat lunch.  I have never had a PB&J that good.  Seriously. 

Then off to Boulder Beach where we didn't take a single picture because you would have to be pretty dang talented to snap anything other than your neck (or if one or two cases loose your drawers) while being pummeled by the wave pools.  This was perfect torture for someone who hates to get her face wet, but I loved it anyway.  Then there was the lazy river and a not-so-playful suggestion that we install one of those in our backyard.  Could you imagine? 

Papa has been suggesting this for years.  If there is a lesson here it is always listen to your Dad. 
What a great day!!!
Happy Birthday Aidan & Happy Birthday Lane!!!