Monday, January 7, 2013

update for slothmas

let's pretend that this update happened last week.  or even the week before.  after all, slothmas is typically just the two days after christmas.  this year, two days of slothing around, wearing pj's all day while watching downton or making forts, playing games and reading, reading, reading was just not enough.  the four of us hunkered down for most of break enjoying each other.  enjoying snuggles.  enjoying twisted senses of humor.  enjoying sushi made by aidan.  enjoying paintings made by nadia.  enjoying the slothishness of it all.

and that is the very spirit of slothmas.  i will admit that it began from a selfish seed.  tony and i wanted to prevent future holiday tug of war between inlaws.  this is not to downplay the meaning of christmas, but instead is to reduce the pressure that we know our kids will feel down the road to get to every one's dinners.  but it is more than that.  we don't just want them for dinner.  we want to hold them hostage for days and make them talk to us and play with all of their toys.  this is the fourth year of slothmas.  aidan and nadia have totally bought into it.   which is probably why we let it trickle into the last two weeks.  we needed some bachart time around here. 

and now it's back to life, back to reality, back to the hear and now, yeah... (oh you know you're singing it too)...

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