Tuesday, January 22, 2013

it is my birthday. yea.

just kidding.  IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!

i love birthdays, but i get all awkward and fidgetty when i am center of attention.  birthdays kind of shove you out there.  (i wouldn't even let tony take a picture of me this morning).  yuck.  but i still love them.  it would be perfect if on your birthday it was tradition to wear a box on your head.  then nobody would see my goofy grin when they say happy birthday.  i would still get to feel special but i wouldn't have to be all gidgetty and trippy and chappy and duhr-da-duhr, ya know? 

probably not.  because you probably just say thank you and move about your day. 

but here i am, 36.  thirtysixfreakingyearsold. 
you know what happens at 36?  you are just starting to teeter on the edge of that awesomeland of i.d.g.a.s.  you know the one?  i don't give a shiznet?  old ladies get that luxury.  i am starting to, but just barely (uh duh, see above)...

but here i am on the edge. 
when my sub fell through for friday? eh. i.d.g.a.s. 
when i hadn't washed my hair in four days?  slap a kitty cat hat on it and i.d.g.a.s.
when i can't put mascara on after i curl my eyelashes anymore because i am old and my lids are starting to get droopy? who am i kidding?  that one stings a little. 

happy birthday to me.  and thank you to those those two for bringing me into this world.

one year closer to yelling from my nursing home bed about the mashed up string beans and applesauce. 


Amy said...

Happy happy birthday!

PRP said...

We are just coming into our own dear friend so don't worry about the number! You will rock 36 like all the years previous. And i.d.g.a.s? LOVE IT.

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...
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Sara Smith said...

One of my favorite blog posts ever! Happy Birthday, my elephant! And I mean that in a good way...but I know y.d.g.a.s.

Bella Mente said...

:) Agree with Sara... one of the best! I am happy for you and the next year you will get to adventure and enjoy with the idgas attitude- I can tell it will definitely be a kick ass one at that!