Thursday, March 22, 2012

for a good time...

you probably don't want to call me.
unless you are aidan. 
then ring a ding ding...

wet, gross, snow covering our shoes and soaking our pants to mid calf,
uphill both ways, countless times, trudging across campus,
piles of dead animals,
...and animal parts,
...and dissected, color-coded animals,
...and dead-boring professors yammering on about college readiness.
getting lost
...more than once,
riding on a straight backed bus seat for nearly six hours with stinky, giggly sophomores.

and spending the whole day together, picking and planning and plotting his future as a WSU veterinarian student. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

you can't frown when you look at this face...

am i right? 
in a hat no less!

well, i can't. 
i love this little smooshy schmooserkins.
and i love that nadia put this hat on him.
and i love that tony didn't groan when i sent him the picture and made him fawn over him.

Monday, March 19, 2012

who's a lucky girl?

i am. 

because i have parents who heard aidan hacking over the phone yesterday and insisted on driving the 50 miles at 6:00 am to spend the day with him even though my mom had significant shoulder surgery just 2 weeks ago and my dad always has a list of things he could be doing. 
who took nadia to school so she wouldn't feel left out. 
who spoiled him with bacon and added cayenne to his pizza rolls.
who listened to the confusing details of pokemon. 
who watered our plants. 
who offered to come back tomorrow even though i bet they were bored outta their gourds. 

thanks mom & dad.  we love you. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

i love...

i love antibiotics...
   because bronchitis sucks.
   because it tears a mama's heart up to see her boy clutch his sore belly muscles when he coughs.
   because he needs to get better by tuesday so his glove can catch a grounder, instead of his face.

i love that tony gets a bug in his bu--er--bonnet & decides to tear apart a perfectly problematic door.
   because he has a knack for finding a solution to a problem that considers my ideas too.
   because he has this energy that is infectious when he gets started.
   because he is entirely capable.

i love busy-ness in an 8 year old package.
   because she entertains her sick brother & brings him drinks & remotes & reciprocates his air-hugs.
   because she insists tony use her purple handled tools whenever possible.
   because she pauses writing book reports, filling out her calendar & redesigning her house to snuggle.

i love sunset runs...
   because tony pushes through and makes me want to too.
   because i can make him laugh when i get uber excited about marmots crossing the bike path.
   because i feel strong enough to throw my hands up in the air sometimes & sing a-o mid-run.

i love margo's face...
   because she hasn't torn anything up in a while, if you don't count the carpet in the office.

Monday, March 12, 2012

i want my sunshine back

and my friday back too. 
and my trimester break day that was filled with beautiful family time and a little mountain and a round bush on the end of a stick. 

even if that sunshine and friday and family-time and bushstick came with the wind,
i will take it over the chill to the bone gloomy-gloomerson of a monday we have today.

and while i am at it, i want my extra hour of sleep back too.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


my tony is a prepper. 

ok, wanna-be prepper at this point.
that's not tony.

that is sparkalicious ding dong.  he likes to sleep on the sofa table that doesn't reside behind the sofa but instead against the wall and houses all of the board games.  he can't sleep there now because tony has covered it in mini green houses. 

greenhouses he made out of repurposed apple containers that i have refused to throw away for the past 4 years even though he has begged me too.  very green of him.  the debate rages on as to who's idea it was to repurpose them but because i write this i am going to let you know that it was most assuredly my idea.   

but back to the prepping...

even though they are may just be sweet peppers, tomatoes, peanuts, black beans and a few others... i think it is terribly romantic.  the idea of throwing out all of the weighty weights that bog us down, the obligations that get in the way, the hustles and the bustles of every day rat race.  replacing it all with a simpler way of being.  happily earning callouses working side by side with tony.  teaching our children to be stewards of our earth.  replacing it all with a simpler way of being...
preferably on a tropical island...

with a couple of chickens, a sweet garden, an endless supply of razors, a water purification system, some solar and wind power to run water and the occasional internet update (what?  you didn't think i would break up with the internet did you?) my family, and a mountain of books.  friends welcome anytime.

not that i have thought about it at all.