Friday, January 30, 2009

A little story

Once upon a time, a time not unlike today just 31 years prior, a girl named Sara was born. Rumor has it that growing up she could be found with her stuffed animals lined up in her makeshift classroom giving the young-stuffed minds an education or she could be found chatting up the duty. She got the best grades and was the friend of many. Of course I did not know that first hand, nor do I know that the day was unlike today. I only came to hear the story of Sara in the years that followed our meeting in 1998 when she welcomed me into her family. I have watched and listen as her story unfolds and am so very lucky to have her as a friend. She is a kind and generous woman who has often been found clothing the naked (not that I have personally witnessed but she has stood outside the dressing room acting like my own personal shopper), housing the homeless (people and animal alike) and feeding the hungry (even if it was just hungry for a good home cooked Cuban meal). I have felt the effects of the work she does to inspire the young with the words of the world and rousing them to write their own. She is a thought-provoking conversationalist that balances with with depth at all the right times. She has fallen in love with a man who is the perfect compliment to all of her wonderful qualities. She is a wonderful daughter, a thoughtful sister and still a bighearted friend of many.

Happy Birthday BFF. I hope it is a magnificent year 31!

Happy Birthday Monique!!!!

Those who know Monique know . . .
. . . . . she has an eternal smile, even in the face of hardship

. . . . she has a voracious love for animals, especially those of the canine variety

. . .she has two beautiful boys that love her very much

. . she is a confidant, a giggler, an empathizer and a friend

. . . Monique is not her first name

. . . . she is a Coug!

. . . . . she is a great flag football player (really she is a great athlete all around)

. . . . . . she loves vegetables and fruit and angel food cake and Coca Cola

And turned 32 today ! ! !

Happy Birthday my dear friend! We are sending you the best birthday wishes from here to Oregon!

bummer: I don’t have any recent pictures of Monique because it has been ages since we have seen each other.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Whats a-happenin' hot stuff?

A visit from Nana Becky and Grandpa John.
Not only did they come and share in great conversation, but they spoiled us too!
Here the 'kids' are playing with an awesome new race track.
Thanks for making the trek across the mountains!
You two are so kind to us.

Passing time with a good book!

Dressing up courtesy of Auntie M!

And a Tea Party for six! Happy 4th Birthday Ainzlee!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

My entire blog was going to read just this one line "I'm old, that is all".

but then...

  • my brother texted me the day before my birthday (a long standing tradition)
  • my sister called me at 5am, and kept her boys from calling at 4!
  • my mom called me at 6am and my dad sang me happy birthday
  • my husband has said happy birthday exactly 22 times so far today
  • my kids sang to me this morning
  • one of my classes threw me a surprise birthday party, bringing tears to these normally-dry eyes
  • my friends decorated my classroom
  • I found very thoughtful presents on my desk chair
  • I found cards with heart-warming words
  • she brought me the best chai e-ver
  • two dear far-away friends sent me emails
  • my father in law called
  • my grandmother in law and grandfather in law called
  • my niece, nephew and sister in law called and sang happy birthday
  • she is also making me a cuban feast and wrote me a poem
  • my sister and nephews called and sang me happy birthday
  • my dear friend Monique called and wished me happy birthday
So, I am more than just old, I am LOVED. I can not thank you family and friends enough for making this day so special!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Is it ...

a silly attempt at a ridiculous accent wall?

a crazy brown streak (meant to symbolize what I ask you)?
a reflection of some wicked brown curtains?
an amazing vision not quite brought to fruition?
a really big (albeit extremely clean and perfectly edged) brown mistake?
Kinda all of the above I guess.
When we painted accent walls before the carpet was even laid, our builder questioned our choices, especially the gargantuan brown stripe in the office. He did complement the razor like edges of the stripe and commented at how professional the pain job looked (you make me blush!) But still he, and every other person, was puzzled.
I knew what I wanted, a beautiful botanical outline. I finally choose an image from a field guide on line, cranked up my favorite hits (you guessed it, the music here on my blog) to set the artistic-vibe and started to paint...freehand. The stripe is floor to ceiling and the 'thistle' spans most of it.
Well, it's a wall. That is about as good a compliment I can give it. I like the overall stem structure, but I really am annoyed by the blooms.
Any suggestions??????????????????????????
And here is a sunset Tony captured the other evening. I love the trees in our back yard!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

It is spirit week at the kids' school. Yeah, I kinda forgot until about 10 minutes before we were suppose to leave Monday morning. Needless to say, I did not put the finishing touches for my own primping, but I did throw together a couple costumes that were 'inspired' by the kids' ideas.

Monday: career day
Aidan was a zoo owner and
Nadia was a high school science teacher
Tuesday: pajama day
Aidan wore his clone war pj's and Nadia her horse pj's.
Not a hair was brushed as to add to the authenticity.
Wednesday: wacky wednesday

Thursday is sports day and Friday is Explorer day (the schools mascot). We will see how that turns out.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The end of an era

At least it seems that way to us.

This week we made the decision that our cat Shermie the Chicken needed to be put to sleep. She has been suffering from the effects of a pancreatic tumor that was diagnosed last spring. For over ten years she lived faithfully under our bed, only to come out to have her hair brushed or to get a nightly dose of affection. The tumor had one strange side effect, she became social, sort of. The tumor-induced-hunger made her impervious to all of those people who previously scared her (read: she truly did not value any human other than me). It was a difficult decision and my heart still hurts over it. Lucky or blessed don't begin to describe how I feel about the support I have had from Tony, my children, my sister and my mother, and my friend Sara. The cards, flowers and phone calls have helped more than you know.

Aidan reminded me that she is waiting on the rainbow that leads to Heaven (thank you Andria) and Nadia offered me her new phone because it can call to Heaven. These words from my kids have helped so much. Even when Nadia scolded Aidan by saying "we have to be nice to mom for a while, her cat's dead" I still felt strangely comforted.