Thursday, January 3, 2013

update for family christmas x 3

so blogger-  what's shaking?  is there some reason you don't wanna post my pictures?  is it because of my lazy, unmotivated blogless self as of late?   are you trying to stick it to me like i've been sticking it to all my responsibilities by cultivating my relationship with my couch? i'm just wondering, not that i care really, because i'm going to post anyway, so there. 

the first::: friend family christmas
tony's grandma sue is the reason i love tony.  weird.  i know.  but she is the one who loved him for exactly who he was as a tiny little whippersnapper.  she is the one who continues to love him despite, well despite the stuff that falls into the category of 'stuff i don't want to remember' which is the exact opposite of why i blog.  mama drama, you know?  but there grandma sue has been loving tony, loving me, loving aidan and nadia through it all.  she is there, loving us, bringing us together with tony's aunt and uncle and all of his favorite cousins and giving our children the traditions tony grew up with.  like how santa makes a special early trip to hang out with the friend family every year.  her health isn't great, which reminds us to cherish our time together. 

the second::: bachart family christmas
the plan was to celebrate, stay the night and then go out for breakfast.  it was so relaxing and so peaceful at their house that we didn't want to leave for breakfast. they basically have this little suite set up that we took full advantage of, and the conversation kept rolling and they even convinced the city to put in a sweet running path for me and negotiated with mother nature to keep it from raining, so they are lucky they got rid of us at all. 

the third::: maxwell family christmas
let me just say here that my parents rock.  they can play it cool in the hottest situations.  it's all la-la-la-la-la, maybe that is where nadia gets it?  i admire that.  but back to christmas.  it was a quick little affair with lots and lots of food and some fun cousins and cheesecake.  we missed our auntie m and her family for sure, but the rest of it was dandy. 

to summarize, we have good people around us that totally make up for the douchey stuff that i glazed over, but like i said, this is the stuff i want to remember.

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