Thursday, September 4, 2014

Aidan turned 13 and I loose all track of time

He is amazing and difficult and has been 13 for 36 days but he is real forgiving too,
and funny and really not funny at all because he is 13 and a whole lot smartassy,
and lovey and does that head-nod-hey thing that boys do,
and works hard but balances out with the required sleeping in and video game time,
and is creative and destructive because he can't resist taking every single flipping pen apart in the whole entire world,
and is learning to bite his tongue while smiling and showing respect and venting when he gets home
and nerdy in the best possible way because you know mama loves a nerd anyway,
and makes us proud every single day,
and boy scout-y and lacrosse-y and computer program-y and big brother-y,
and is a mini version of tony complete with old man impatience and big soft heart and eyelashes for days,
and still plans to own a zoo some day but has a couple of plans to get the financing in order. 
And he is the love of my life.