Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Today was a great day:)

I didn't sleep much last night because little Mr. Aidan's asthma is flaring up. He coughed and wheezed and me the ever-heavy sleeper sat straight up in bed and went in to dope him up. I have always been a very heavy sleeper, but I think there is a gene that gets turned on when you have kids that keeps one eye (or in this case, one ear) pinned firmly on your little ones. I had a special needs cat once that I could also wake me out of a deep sleep if he needed something, but I digress. Once I got back to bed I lied awake waiting for sleep to come back. And I waited. And I waited. Finally 3 rolled around and I started to drift off again. Di spite lack of sleep I still had a great day. The morning went smoothly, except for a little unexpected road construction. All went well at school. I had a crisis or two but they all worked out. I had two very pleasant talks with parents. Teaching-wise it was terrific. I grossed Sara out at lunch and she threatened bodily harm. Nothing earth-shattering, nothing stupendous, nothing terrific. But it turned out to be just an all around good day!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Go Cougs!

Ok, I am not much for football but watching Aidan cheer for the Cougs was a wonderful feeling!

Nadia lasted almost through the 3rd quarter and really enjoyed talking with Sara, Trevor and giving her dad a hard time!

We loved going to the Conner Museum and just walking around!

Tony and I were talking about all of the great memories Pullman holds for us. It is like a step back in time, but man did our age show. I am still sore from walking those hills. Tony was completely creeped out by the short skirts that showed off little 19 year old pink chonies. I was not entirely comfortable having my children see women in bikini's play beer pong with loud drunken boys. I was impressed by the greystone church residents who let us see their apartment and the one young man who asked his fellow party-goers to watch their language in front of the little ones. I also felt honored when we left after third quarter and a large group die hard coug fans chanted "fu-ture cou-gars". What a great day!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Chomping at the bit

So I am ready. More than ready. We have scrutinized the tiniest photo in a magazine, done countless searches, toured home after home, walked the imaginary lines on our floor to get a feel for the way it will be, we have drawn plans and drawings and revised and revised again, talked and talked and talked some more.

Today we rushed down to City Hall to sign our permit to get a septic tank and water. Whoopee! While it may sound ungrateful that I am not very excited about a little H2O, we went to the Parade of Homes this weekend and all I can think of is:

and a little bit of

But for now I just get to sign papers and dream about what will be, HERE:

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Tony and I were talking about how time does really seem to fly by and I think I know why...
at 22 I graduate college - Go Cougs!
at 23 I got married
at 24 I had my first child
at 25 we bought our first house
at 26 I had my second child
at 27 I got my Masters
at 28 I started my first full time job
at 29 I rested...ok not really but I can't think of any momentous occassions
Here I am at 30 and we just sold our first house and are building our second. Everything seems to be in order. I can't say we are slowing down at all but we certainly are becoming settled. I can't wait to see what 31 has to offer:)

Pics pics and more pics

Skateboarding or flying?

Nadia and My tootisies

Aidan vs turkey leg at the fair

Nadia chowing on a corndog at the fair

Dear Aidan

Aidan's first day of school! I did not cry when I dropped you off or when your little head bopped into class without even a glance backward. I have only emailed your teacher twice.... I know, cut the apron strings already. We had a great run little man. Now other people's children will sink their bigeted or violent or misinformed talons into you. I can only hope you are strong enough to resist them. I know you will choose the narrow, bumpy path of peer pressure at times. Just know that you can always, and I truely mean always, find a way back to our road. The road where you can be silly and smart, you can play hard and work harder, where you can be unconventional yet uphold your customs. You can always be true to yourself little man. I love you!