Monday, January 14, 2013

into the thick of it

remember that backyardigan's song?  that part that goes...
Into the thick of it. Into the thick of it.

But we can’t see where we’re going! Ugh!
The jungle's kind of tricky,
The path is never straight,
And sometimes there's no path at all
Which makes it hard to navigate.

catchy.  and depressing.  and a little overwhelming. 
and a lot like i feel as we get back to our schedule.
tell me you feel it too?  and if you have a kid over the age of 8 you are singing it too.
and then there is the part...
Into the thick of it. Into the thick of it.

We’re going round in circles! Ugh!
These trees look so familiar,
We've been here once before.
You're right, except it wasn't once
It was three times, or four.
Stuck in the thick of it!
Stuck in the thick of it!
Stuck in the thick of it!
We’ve gone around in circles 

 but here we are.  going to basketball, going to cheer, going to scouts, making lunches, making dinner, wiping counters, going the the gym, fitting in social stuff or trying to, brushing our teeth and washing our faces every night (for the first time ever...gross but true) ...
and then doing it all over again.  

and sometimes losing sight of the point.  losing sight of the character-building, and the knowledge-building, and the teamwork-building and loads and loads and loads of patients-building.
sometimes, but not always.  i am not an advocate for running your kids to a billion different activities.

not-at-all!  but i do want to support them in their interests, even if it means we are going around in circles sometimes.  it's part of life and maybe that is the lesson i want my kids to learn.  sometimes you have to do the running, so for goodness sakes you better enjoy the time you have when you aren't running. 

take a page from their book.  they know how to enjoy the down time. 


PRP said...

That Backyardigans is still my all time favorite kid show. It rocked.

And I agree with you 100%. I would much rather have us all home but in trying to provide them the experiences they desire so they can be who they want to be, we run too.

You're really good at it though so props to you.

Happy Monday!

anymommy said...

I definitely lose sight of the point. And my patience, I can't even see it from where I am sometimes. You have to find the joy and the connection in amongst the running and the packing lunches and washing faces. I always need reminding of that.