Wednesday, June 29, 2011

advice from me to you, free of charge

if you are going to watch someone push a seven pound five ounce baby out of their wahoozie...

pick people who get the giggles.
pick people who watch funny cat videos on you tube...during labor.
pick people who let you take 318 pictures of
pick people who find the happy tree painter guy soothing and find great pleasure in predicting the exciting-but always calm- turns in his paintings.
pick people who love each other.
people who support each other.
people who know their role.
people who are very good listeners.
people who you are comfortable super duper comfy bff worthy.

i am glad these people picked me! words can not describe this experience. pictures can't capture the laughs and the encouragement or the strength of one tough mama. 

thank you sara and trevor for inviting me to be a part of this day.  thank you lisa and delia for making me part of the team.  noah is gorgeous, and very, very doubt about that. 


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

welcome noah david

noah david smith has arrived!
all i can say right now is WOW!

to be there when this guy arrived has rocked my world!  i love him to bits. 

stay tuned for the rest of the story...

Friday, June 24, 2011

some here some there

summer hair!
or is it swimmer's hair

this will last about a week.  you can wash it as long as you don't really scrub.  and the best part is that it stays out of her eyes during swimming.  nadia's friend megan let me fiddle with her hair too, i just didn't get to snap a picture. 

who wants to be next?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

do you ever

look at your children with complete wonder?  like really really really look at them and think things like how did i get so lucky?  i am sure you do.  and i am sure you think they hung your moon too.
sometimes i just stare at her loveliness and think about just how much i love this smoochie face.   

who wouldn't?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

you're did

it really really did.  the week actually ended.  and the next week too.

it was oh-so-hard to get back into the swing of things.
right tony?

it was quite a drawn out process to button up the end of the school year, especially when it stretched over an extra weekend -blasted snow day-.  that wrap-up held many events.  how many you (didn't) ask? 

let me get my list on:::
.there were dissections...major eeeewww but at least my kids were happy to see me on their last days of school. 

.grandpa john came to town for nani's bday (at least that it what he says.  i think he made the trek to enjoy some day old pizza and wipe slobber off of margo's begging jowls)

.there was a field trip for nadia to yokes and a sad goodbye to her awesome teacher

.my sister and her boys came to town...& dude, kaid-bob looks me in the eye and i have to look up to lane-zaney. what do they feed boys in the midwest anyway?

.aidan recited a poem in the talent show that ended with him writhing on the ground to demonstrate the carnivorous habits of a snake. this is kinda what it looked like except this time nico is the snake.

.and nadia, with her bffs, danced a fine little (wholesome!) ditty...all i can say is that there are 8 year-olds out their with more grind than a salami shop

.there was nico's first birthday. i can't believe that it was only a year ago sara and trevor got the call to meet him, he has always been a perfect fit.

 .there was carne max for lunch with the lunch crew, and then carne max again for a dinner date with aidan while nadia partied it up with her girl kayla.

.then there was noah's celebration (you know noah? nico's little brother?)
.there were 3 baby chicks...complete with little baby names living in our garage for 3 whole days. then they moved on.  i am pretty sure this will be one of those moments my children remember as the time their mom gave away their pet chickens when in fact it was the intent to find them homes all along.  but come on--i let them have a gecko and kittens!

.there was a scrapbook fest with megan, hannah and nadia (although i think i enjoyed it as much as the girls--thanks tracy)

.there was a nasty negotiation that ended with me agreeing to teach summer school for one week.  thankfully some other members of our science department took the remaining 3 weeks.
.there was fishing with the cub scouts complete with a sour attitude by yours truly.
.then we met up in huntsville with my sister's family, my brother's family and my parent's family of farm animals. this time my horse of choice was a 4-wheeler with a nadia squealer.  everyone else rode the real mccoy.  actually their names are austin and mel...but i digress...

.and i vaguely remember a day where certain members of my household only pulled their eyes away from a sisterwives marathon to draw the curtains so the afternoon sun didn't cast a glare on the drama.  

and now?

now i am oh so impatiently waiting for this week to end so i can finally start my summer.  
(and just as impatiently waiting for baby noah to arrive)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to YOU!

We have so many wonderful Dads in our life.  Ones who taught us how to grow up.  Ones who make us laugh.  Ones who give us a pat on the back.  Ones who love by example.  Ones who ignore the laws of conductivity and electrical current (you know who you are).  And to each of you we wish the very happiest of Father's days...

And to the one who loves us through every crazy idea we have, right back at 'cha babe. 
Happy Father's Day Tony.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


will this week ever end?
there are so many wonderful things waiting for us around summer's corner...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

all about eight

today nadia maxwell bachart...
...queen of the giggles
...sweetest of the sweet
...tenaciously determined
...and lover of all things family, babies, purple, song-ish and her mother...
turns eight!

you might just wonder what it is like to be all of these things.  let's just ask her, shall we?

me: nadia. what is it like to be you?
nadia: it's awesome!  it is fun.  especially with my mother.
me: are you just saying that because i am the one typing?
nadia: no. i am saying it because i love you {said with a joyful smile and her signature happy dance}

me: what are your plans for your eighth year?
nadia: i don't know. have fun, get good grades, play with my friends and get some new ones too-but still play with my old ones of course.

me: anything you want to accomplish this year?
nadia: {all of this was said while she acted each thing out, mind you} i want to get into swim team, and basketball and soccer.  i want to work on math, like multiplication. i want to keep on treating people well.

me: what did you like about being seven?
nadia: well i had nice friends, and i had a lot of fun. and that's actually kind of creepy how you are typing and not even looking. do you even know what you are typing? 
me: did you accomplish anything at seven that you are proud of?
nadia: driving papa's tractor thing and riding my bike on long long long trips, growing my teeth and riding dad's lawn mower.

me: what do you plan to do with yourself when you are all grown up?
nadia: work at aidan's zoo, hmmmm... work with las tigres, and well, have babies.  tres bebes.  y yo quiero hacer un veterinario que hace todos los animales. 

nadia: is-that-it? i-wan-na-go-play-with-aidan {again said in broken robot with a new dance, this one resembles a robot shaking her groove thing}