Friday, July 30, 2010

nine, nine and feelin' fine

His feet fill out my shoes and is 4 foot 4 inches of gorgous. He likes his hair long but has relented to a compromise, a sort of reverse mullet.  Business in the back, all party in the front.  He loves trivia, challenges, legos and video games. Happily, right now he loves reading the most.  He is talented, deteremined and self-taught, qualities that can get him neck high in a sea of trouble.  He still has a deep rooted love of all animals but has no qualms about eating baby octopus (sorry honey that is just gross). When I am having a bad moment, he will try to knead the worry out of my shoulders.  There have been many days when his smootchie kisses and full body hugs are my highlights.  Nine years ago today, at 6:41 pm to be precise because this IS Aidan we are talking about here and that boy of mine loves him some precision, he made me a mother.  Happy Birthday Aidan-Love. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

he should be on america's got talent or something

except they don't have a category for super-pergola-builder-extrodinare.
or awesomest-awesomest husband ever.
clearly he would win both. 
just some beams, a couple of chainsaws, some nuts and bolts and we can't forget the injuries. 
it is beautiful!

Friday, July 23, 2010

its not that i love to exasperate you babe

its just that i love that look of exasperation on your face. 

like last night when you fell asleep half way through my HILARIOUS cat stories.  believe me, those tails were cracking me up.  look, i did it again.  you wouldn't know i was doing that for like minutes and minutes because you conked out smack dab in the middle of a good one. scratch that. a great one.  man, i am on fi-yah!

even in your sleep your mouth was pressed tight, but turned up just slightly in the corners. a sure sign that you don't want to think i am funny but you just can't help yourself.  your eyes were closed, but it was clear that you were rolling them. how does someone even roll their eyes in their sleep? you are super-uber talented. or seriously practiced.  was it at me? was it at yourself because your sleepy self thought i was a riot but whatever little bit was still in twixieland wasn't ready to budge. 

either way, i win because i get that sweet look of pure exasperation to fall asleep to. 

irresistibly goofy.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

sometimes i take pictures

that have stories behind them but i can't put my thoughts to words.  maybe it is not that i can't, but that i won't.  or maybe it is just that i don't want to.

whatever the reason, i can't let the pictures just sit there in their neat little computer file.  i feel this pressing need to be timely with them.  maybe i should call it chronologicalitis.  anywhoven...

there. i feel better.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

while i was out

aidan discovered the joy of harry potter.  that boy becomes a recluse when he gets into a book.

nadia lived up to her instigating ways as a little sister.

the kids read 12 letters from me and 8 corny jokes.

nadia talked in a British accent during an entire phone conversation magically melting away the 3000 mile stretch for 10 minutes.

margo continued to find new and exciting ways to eat furniture.

tony had a 1200 square foot patio poured on our back hill.

then he raked out the tippity top of the hill so the fence can go in.

then he took the kids to the movies and tutoring and cooked dinner and cleaned the house.

then he cut the infamous beams to make a pergola.

then he forged his very own brackets to make it all tri-city wind proof.

somewhere in all of that he dropped a beam on his foot and banged his elbow bringing the 6 month detriment total up to 4 major injuries and one minor hammer-to-the-finger

and he brought his awesomest husband status up to awesomer-awesomest husband EVER!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

oh, for the love of Margo!

She chewed up my iphone.

She ate the base moulding on the stairs.

She barfed in our bedroom at 2:00am. twice.

She chases the great Sparkalicious-ding-dong.

She goes ballistic at the sound of a horse, even on tv.

She ate the so called indestructible kong.

Her landmines would rival any miniature horse.

Don't even get me started on her gas.  Let's just say fido can clear a room.

She ate the couch.  The new couch, not the broken in, kid mauled couch.

She licks the outside cat. incessantly.

She squeezes her 80 lb body under our bed at odd hours of the day and night.

She is not even mine!

Oh...and I forgot to mention...
she drools.
I still love her.