Friday, June 13, 2008

Watch out

or I will sick my kid on you

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

15 days to go

We have just 15 days until our vacation!!! From the moment we had children we started talking about when they would be ready for Disney. When Nadia was born we decided that since golden birthdays are a big deal to Tony and I that we would go to Disneyworld for her golden birthday.

Well that turned into the DisneyCruise and WaLa, here we are!

Honestly, I can not believe that it is happening! Aidan is already talking about where we should go for his golden birthday. Since he is born on the 30th we have some time to plan (and save).

With so many wonderful (and complicated) things happening right now (school ending, trainings begining, Sara and Trevor's wedding, me having to go to a conference right before the trip) I feel like I am a little overwhelmed, but in an excited way if that makes sense!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


On her lips is a song
One she makes up as she goes along
It might be a little cat ditty
Maybe a song that says you are pretty

She is lovely and sweet
Even when she giggles
“smell my feet”
She makes the obvious a discovery
Look there’s rain
Oh send me to recovery!
I exclaim!
She has earned her Coco nickname
I hope she will never be tame
I wonder what the future brings
I know she will do many things
She wants to be a cop
Or maybe a keeper of a zoo
But never forget
What she really wants is to have a baby
or two
Maybe ten will do.
The mom vein runs deep within her heart
But she knows it goes college, then love, before she starts

My baby turns five years old
Thank you my Nadia for being so bold
With beauty for all to behold
I love you with all my heart can hold