Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tony's new toy

I am married to one of the most determined and hardworking men I know (he is too young to give him the championship quite yet). Tony knew in junior high that he was going to be an engineer and he knew that during his lifetime he wanted to accomplish a list of things, learning to sail was one of the top three. He successfully completed a sailing class but the itch just wasn't scratched.

Maybe now?Complete with crew!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nerd Camp


Aidan and Nadia spent this past week at WSU's Summer Science Camp '09. The session they attended was all about physics. On Friday they invited us to the Big Event where we

...made paper airplanes,

...made roller coasters,
...adopted some friends along the way whose parents couldn't make it,
...dropped parachutes,and raced rubber band dragsters.
Throughout the week they brought home all sorts of projects that they worked on, talked about Newton's three laws, sang some science songs and came home completely wiped each day. Nadia had initial reservations but made some friends and enjoyed the projects. Aidan relished the opportunity to challenge the teacher about the 4th state of matter, plasma. They love science.
I am sure Tony nor I influenced them in the least.
We are looking forward to next year!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Livin' it up at Grammie and Papa's

All Wheels Weekend...Yummy Huckleberry Heaven and Brown Cow ice cream...A glimpse at *almost* my dream car (think it comes in a hybrid?)... Aidan and Nadia stayed overnight with Grammie and Papa while we had a great time celebrating this guy's birthday(who is married to this wonderfully hospitable girl)...

Back at the farm there was a lot to do, like gather eggs...

look for kittens, give carrots to Lane's bunny, play with the dogs and of course feed Cori...

We also played with some VIP's, cousin Cooper and cousin MacKenzie (notice Aunt Debi in the background riding Mel)...
Mel was a popular guy. All told he gave rides to seven Maxwell family members!

Even me!
For this brief moment I put aside all of the worldly wisdom I have gathered over the years that cemented the notion you are not to get on the back of an animal that big that has a mind of it's own. Wisdom I gathered from the time I had my ankle smashed by the neighbors horse, and the time I was bitten in the face by Martha's Butterfly, and too the time she kicked me so hard in my mommy-parts that I flew across the road and landed in the ditch, and yes the time I was terrified by the charge of a horse named Two-Too to the ultimate end of a seriously nasty rope burn on my brothers legs, and the time Austin-the-rope horse decided to take off across the pasture with me screaming and hanging on for dear life until he then decided to come to a screeching, sliding, butt-on-the ground stop just mere inches from the fence.
For this brief picturesque moment I put all of that aside because my brother said, "get on, we'll send the picture to Face, it'll be funny".
And look, there were no tears and not even one cuss word! You can hardly tell I am terrified! The best part was that both my dad and my brother told me they were proud of me.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A fond farewell

My boxes are packed. Next year I will start a new adventure at a new high school. I will truly miss the friends I have made, my lunch group (you wouldn't believe how important a good group of lunch-mates are for adults who spend their days with teenagers!), the routine of the building and even the little mouse that lives behind the chemical hood. (What up Maxwell Mouse?) But what I will miss most are my kids that are staying at this school. Part of me wishes I could handpick all of my kids to go but it simply doesn't work that way. For as many reasons as there are students I will miss them, their humor, their kindness, their effort. But will all endings, there is a beginning.
I am looking forward to...
a classroom with windows (not just windows, but windows with a view!)
4 real walls
sinks that are far from student pollution
a new culture and brand new traditions
a shorter 'commute'
going home on Fridays for lunch with my sweetie
continuing to teach with my BFF

I would be foolish to think it will be perfect, but I am an optimist and believe it will be wonderful.

But the new beginnings are not for me alone. Aidan is moving up to 2nd grade. I hope he gets another teacher like Sra. Lopez who understands how to motivate him and who gives him lots of positive attention. One who appreciates that if Aidan shows you affection, it is a big deal and one who quickly learns that the way to his academic heart is through dictionaries, nonfiction, venomous animals and math, lots and lots of math.

Nadia is leaving kindergarten behind. She will miss Sra. Hanan just as we will. Nadia will be working on her reading and her math this summer to be ready for the challenges of first grade. I don't remember my 1st grade year at all but I can see from Aidan's experience that the pace is certainly quickened. Nadia said this morning that she will miss Sra. Hanan "oh so much", but I know she will quickly adjust. (Lucky is the social butterfly!)

Tomorrow is the last day of school. As anxious as I am to start these new adventures for us all, I am even more excited for all of the memories we will build this summer. We have no plans (I know, I can't believe it either! I am a planner, but Tony is a mega planner!)

We are open to suggestions?!?!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My baby

Nadia my sweet!

As I cradle you in my arms snuggled in a warm towel and smelling sweet and clean I think about the moment I pulled you from my body and held you close for the first time. At the time I thought that this was the very most precious moment you and I would ever share. How quickly it was shadowed by each and every giggle, each and every song, each and every story and even every independence exerting, giggle inducing, hands-on-hip, articulate and classic I-statement throwing fit. I can not believe I have had six years of moments that continue to best each and every other perfectly wondrous moment before. You are strong, creative, compassionate and beautiful. Dad and I have enjoyed watching you traverse kindergarten. Your teachers describe you as a joy to have in class and we have noticed how easily you make friends, both girls and boys. At the end of the day we have a new ritual where you tell me three things about your day and I have come to look forward to how you stand up for your friends, look out for your brother, look forward to your next art project and describe every detail of how you ended up with lunch on your clothes. You melt my heart when you ask to take care of me and when you bubble over with excitement as you count down to your next 'daddy day'. Even as I cradle you now trying to hold onto my baby for just a little while longer I look forward to seeing the amazing woman I know you will become.
Love you the mostest of the hostess cream heart pie.

Nadia with 'Guinie' the guinea pig she got from Aidan.
Nadia's friends came to wish her happy birthday and rock out! (not pictured is the video we did not get of Unkie Monkey doing his rendition of Roxanne on the Karoke machine) Lisa made sure the girls looked the part with tattoos and Sara made sure each star was pleasantly pampered. Thank you Ladies!Nadia helped Grammie 'glam up'. and loved on Papa.Grandpa John and Nana Becky made the trip over the mountains. You can see that even the Bachart Boys seemed to have a good time. (trust me, Aidan had a blast inside with his friend Spencer).
Happy 6th Birthday Nadia! Thank you to all of her wonderful friends and our wonderful family for helping celebrate! We love you so very much.