Wednesday, January 2, 2013

i feel the need to catch up

i get these little bursts-- very, very little bursts-- that tell me it is time to get things back in order to start this new year off right.

but i haven't tied up all of the loose ends of last year.  and part of me doesn't want to.  i so loved last year.  i have so loved this much needed break.  i have so, like irrationally and wholly so, loved my pajamas, and my books, and my fuzzy gray throw, and my time with my people being ridiculously lazy.  i think i have acclimated to all this laziness even.  i can't fall asleep before ten.  that's huge.  i woke up on time this morning and put on real clothes and immediately got a headache.  i'm pretty sure that is a sign of nook withdrawals.  my body is rejecting the idea of returning to real life. 

but alas real life edges closer.  four full days and the bells and the schedules and the packed lunches will be upon us.  that is four days to cram as much family time in as we can.  and four days to get caught back up. 
so that need to catch up is going to have to wait a little longer.

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