Sunday, March 22, 2009

A quick note

Here is a quick one because I really should be working on my national boards...
Picture a sick Aidan with Tony at the kids' school on Friday. Tony, the super-fantabulous father and PTO member that he is, is counting laps for a contest.
Aidan announces within earshot of a couple PTO moms, "Dad, I know what a honkey is".
Tony, giving him a death-stare and scanning the moms to see who is judging says, "Aidan, that is not an appropriate word. It is very derogatory. Do not ever say that again."
Aidan waits and quietly says, "hey Dad, it means a horse and a donkey"

Way to go mom for introducing the interbreeding of species like tigers and lions, horse and donkeys.
Smooth, real smooth.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

a category for the uncategorical

I can't grow anything, let alone get a plant to actually bloom. Aren't you proud Andria? I am taking good care of your cactus.
Oh yeah, she's a hard rocker. During a rare but spectacular and laughter inducing fit last weekend she refused to apologize to me for yelling at me. Instead she began to sing a song she was composing impromptu. The song discussed the past and the present and the future and how we should leave our anger in the past. Deep.

He can be so tender sometimes. I truly do believe he will have a zoo someday. He loves animals so deeply, even the plastic variety.

No, I do not lock children in cages. This was all their doing, they were locking their babies in cages and pretending to be puppies, the plot of their game was a little muddled. We were celebrating my mom's birthday. (yes I am a schmuck for not writing her a wonderful blog which she totally deserves because she was the perfect mom for me). Happy belated birthday Mom. I love you very much.

I love this cat. He steals my jewelry, polly pockets, small stuffies... if he can carry it, he will steal it. He jumps up and hangs off of my hip, he tries to shower with me, he has begun shedding and he can clear a room if you know what I mean but he shows me that he loves me. Pets have a very special purpose here on Earth.
Well that is it. I had no way to relate any of this to anything. Maybe next week will make more sense.