Monday, February 4, 2013

life cycle

that idea of stuff -matter, ideas, thoughts, experiences, organisms, what have you- cycling around and around.

taking my kids to huntsville makes that spin in my head.  nothing makes it more obvious than witnessing birth and death all in the same precious day.  those ewes, they have terrible timing.  i would have loved to see any of the other 20 cute-as-can-be babies being born this season.  i would have loved even more for my babies to see babies being born.  the two babies born tried to come out at the same time.  there are no emergency c-sections on the farm, people.  just sad endings sometimes. 
listening to your dad give advice to your son about dealing with friends and standing up for yourself and knowing when to walk away and some how he manages to throw in a compliment to build you up....and having it sound so familiar.  that also makes cycling go spin-y spin-y all up in your noggin. 

these two.  they react so differently to situations.  that is a story for another day.  but you can see it right there on their faces. 

and another thing that helps you realize that you are somehow part of this whole life cycle thing?  realizing that i just tried to teach a lesson to my sweet babies and then i made the same bleeping mistake i just asked them to correct. 

(note to self: if you're going to get all bent out of shape over shmootz on the kitchen island, don't go leaving your cup sitting there right after your tirade.  you become a very unreliable hypocrite, self.  and one more thing, self. stop referring to yourself as self.  you are more creative than that.  make up a catchy nickname.  put a little effort into it.)

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