Monday, June 10, 2013

summer just got real

how do i know?  i have zero motivation to do anything remotely productive.  dragging myself away from bravo to slap some chicken on the bbq has to be my rock star moment of the day.  and with that little caveat of an excuse, i bring you a picture post with no stories what so ever...


 and that is not even close to being all, but it is all for now. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

i heart her like no other

i was a puddle of emotions yesterday morning.  you should have seen the two of us cuddled up on a chair that has made it's awkward way into my bathroom, listening to songs and discussing the deep meaning of the lyrics with tears rolling down our cheeks. 
a mess i tell you...

today is no better. 

this is the last day my baby will be 9.
i am trying to savor every loving minute of her nine year old self. 
every song writing minute.
every fort building minute.
every cuddle for the sake of cuddling minute.
every big dreaming, happy go lucky, caring, charming, dance at the drop of a hat, crow like a rooster, be true to herself, light of my life minute of her nine year old self. 

an afterthought....
can i reminise for just a moment?  i just read this article and it reminded me of my own little nani b.  we celebrated nadia's golden birthday in disneyworld.  the trip was magical.  and did i mention it was for nadia?  apparently i didn't make that clear then.  when her childcare teacher asked her why we went she clearly told her it was so 'mommy could go visit her boyfriend'.  awesome.  i guess tony's little joke about johnny depp being my main squeeze left an impression.