Wednesday, May 2, 2012

a little bit of borrowed time

i left work a bit early today for an appointment and found myself home early enough to do a some household chores and, wait for it....bake cookies! 

um, me...baking cookies?  sure enough!

that is a job usually left to tony, unless the cookies come from a box mix because i fiddle with things too much for cookies to turn out.  but turn out they did!  and with, like, real ingredients.  eggs, and butter, and whole wheat flour!  and oh did i make myself sick on cookie dough...mmmmmmmm.

in the hustle and bustle of life, i don't find myself with time like this. 
i loved it! 
i loved switching out the cookies and wrapping them up individually.
i loved sweeping the floor...seriously! 
i loved running up the stairs time and time again for laundry. 
ok, so i didn't love scooping the cat box and scrubbing the toilets and so what that i burned dinner...

but i did love (most of all) the look on aidan and nadia's faces when they saw their special treat.

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PRP said...

You're such an awesome Mama. And a delish cookie-baker to boot. Thanks for sharing!