Sunday, October 2, 2011

without you

dear tony...

do you remember that morbid conversation we had on the way home from my parents last night?  that one that we have every year or so that is overflowing with what ifs and what would you do?  those what ifs that i can't bear to type.  this time that talk seeped into me.  while you were gone today helping my parents (thank you by the way) i couldn't get it out of my head.

we were here trying to forget that you were not.

so while you teetered on the edge of the roof we...

did the usual buying of crickets.  we bought sparkly collars for the kittens too and margo her birthday present.  and we remembered to by cream and picked up some bananas too. 

scored some mediocre deals on winter coats for the kids and grumbled about the dismal selection. all's well that ends-in a non-puffy pink for nadia and green and black with complimentary beanie cap for aidan-well.

wore socks with sandals for the better part of the day just because we could.

did some laundry.  the kids cleaned their rooms.  i swept.  we did dishes.  i wiped that blessed banister.  and then we messed it all back up again.

put my hours of pinterest to use and got our craft on.  twice.  i got paint on your saw-horses. 

brought the dog in.  put the kittens out.  put the dog back out.  brought the kittens back in.  brought the dog back in.  scolded the dog for licking the kittens. 

tried to fix the microwave.  yeah, let's talk about that later. 

baked peanut butter cookies.  then we ate them.  we saved you some.  and some slomgolian too. 

and we missed you.  like, crazy missed you.  like, can't imagine life without you, missed you. 

love you...
love me.

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