Thursday, May 10, 2012

oozing with sappy happy

today is making memories with mom day at my kids school.  they asked me to pretty please take off the morning and go.  how could i say no?  i love making memories.  i love that they wanted me there. 

but it is also msp testing for nadia, so there were snacks to make (which tony did and i added the note) and a special brain-food breakfast to nosh. 

and it is also field trip day for aidan, which means a super-packed lunch and an unsucessful scramble to find a camera (besides mine, because i am not that nice) that actually works in our house.   i decided i would swing through the walmarche' and get a cheapo one.  we made it to mmwm in the nick of time.

and all was great.  aidan's teacher had questions scrolling on the projector about how well you know your mom.  he pays attention to my likes and dislikes which i think has him on the path to making a very attentive husband someday.  he wrote me a poem, but instead of mom, mommy or mama he used mimi.  it included things like i am 'immune to evil'.  he knows how to make me go all mushy.  that kid.

and onto nadia's class.  she drew a sweet picture of me complete with her favorite tank top of mine.  she wrote the 10 best things about me.  who wouldn't love to hear that the best thing about them is they snuggle and make bueno brownies!?!  she showed me the plant she is growing and some of her work and i got to write her a good luck note for her msp.  i loved that her teacher encourages that.  especially since nadia is my little note keeper. 

all of this was great.  better than great.  i felt special and all squishy mushy loved.
but the happiest, sappiest part of all came when we realized the camera needed an sd card.  i told aidan i would try to get home and back before his bus left and bring him one, but i wasn't sure if i would make it.  i went fast like a bunny and made it back as the kids were lining up to go into class. 

no less than 20 kids said "HI AIDAN'S MOM!!!!" as i was trying to find his line. 

i'm aidan's mom.  that's my name.  i honestly have never felt more important in all my life.

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PRP said...

I love it. That is our most important name, isn't it?