Wednesday, May 16, 2012

finding the positives

my main man has been having a hard time lately.  it's the awkward social stuff and insecure kids trying to find their place in the world by knocking others down.  ugghhhhh.

nothing hurts worse than when your baby hurts.  but he has had some moments were things are mighty fine, so let us dwell on those instead.

like his hit tonight.  this is him moments before:
 and this is safe on first:
 and this is him being sweet to his sister:
 and speaking of her, she took those first two pictures.  pretty impressive my little grasshopper.

ah, aidan,
chin up bubbies.  all of this crappy kid drama stinks right now, but you are a fantastic person with a wonderful heart, a killer smile and brains ta boot.  i know it hurts right now, but stay strong.  just keep looking for the positives in life and you are going to come out of all of this just fine.  


Bella Mente said...

I remember those years that I wish I did not; kids can be SO mean... and as much as he will not believe you or want to... one day he will realize just how phenomenally amazing he is and how those who are mean do it because they wish they were him. I think it is so hard sometimes to realize how great we are especially in times like that. I will cheers to the wonderful heart, killer smile, and insane amounts of brain because he definitely has that and more! This kid is definitely going places.. and many, many, many of the more good people out there see it and will continue to see it! Chin up to my buddy Aidan, those kids got nothing on you!

Trevor and Sara said...

Okay, those last two pictures are quite possible my FAVORITES OF ALL TIME. While I want to kick some little ass for him, I know with every inch of me being that this boy of yours - um, excuse me, of OURS - is simply sweet perfection. Sometimes it takes the world time to know these things...I love him. I hope he knows that.

Tracy said...

He is one of the coolest kids around! I also love him to pieces, and i hate to hear he is having a rough time right now. Thank goodness summer is just weeks away. The picture of him on first is priceless. I wish I could habe seen it in person, but the picture tells the whole story. Great job Nadia!