Monday, April 30, 2012

i can't let april just slip by like that...

we *squirrels* have been busy... you too? 
thought so.

so busy that i am going to dump a bunch of pictures all at once and pretend like i am collecting memories like my little 'ol header says.

we have been enjoying where we live by foot and by bike:::

 this is known as formation one, by the way.
for safety sake: tony, then nadia, then aidan, then me.
that means i get to have reoccurring mini heart failures when nadia weaves
or aidan hits giant potholes (or stands up!)

we have been learning so much about ourselves, our children, our parenting, our insecurities, our priorities and our success through america's greatest pass time:::

and we have been neglecting things:::
like root-touch ups & laundry & blogs.

*squirrels*, really? 
i'm not sure why, but i often think of my family as a little dray of squirrels.  maybe it is because we are constantly surrounded by nuts.


Tracy said...

Oh my gosh...did I laugh when you spoke of your little mini heartfailures! :) I too am in the rear position and feel the same way! You crack me up. The best group (or what did you call them?) of Sqirrels I know!!

Trevor and Sara said...

Never ever end a blog with the phrase "surrounded by nuts" again. Your BFF can't handle such innuendo.

Melanie said...

Sara- you are one of the nuts that surrounds us :)