Tuesday, March 1, 2011

my biggest fan...keeping it real

yesterday scientist karen and scientist mel made spectacles of themselves in front of 400 fidgety science progenys.
and yes we were rocking snappy lab coats. 
and one of us may have had on a pair of rhinestone safety goggles,
& the other a pair of sassy black rimmed ones. (take a wild guess as to who wore what

(let me pause here & thank my lucky stars for karen. she is calm, fun & articulate and she helped me solve a little decorating dilemma that had been niggling me, while coming down with the sickies. all in a days work for her)

those shining little lovey faces who were beaming because their moms were the guest speakers made it totally worth it. little lovey hands raised hi.  whispers to neighbors.  running, jumping, i don't care who sees me hugs.

enter my biggest fan. 
my little man. 
that's right, ai-dan.

he said he was sad that 7 of his classmates missed seeing how impressive his mom was. 
oohh! be still my lovin heart.  i mean really? it does not get any better than that.

then tonight he offered to feed me a hunk of sauteed cabbage right off his plate. 
it wasn't until it was halfway in my mouth that he told me he had just regurgitated it from his throat.


PRP said...

I'm not sure how we keep getting ourselves into these situations, but I can't think of a better partner in crime. I love working with you, shopping with you, and being friends with you.

And that Aidan...i thought he was going to explode with pride!

Bella Mente said...

:) bahaha he would do something like that.. yet he is such a sweetheart, so kind hearted and caring for all.. I could only imagine how proud he was of you!!