Tuesday, March 15, 2011

around the island

so aidan was saddled up to the island snacking on some girl scout cookies and trying in vain to organize the garbage dump he calls a backpack while i was on the other side chopping some onions and cabbage. 

i don't know how we got there, but he asked if i would give a test to who ever he planned to marry.  Of course i said yes because really what mom would pass up that opportunity?

i asked him what kind of test i should give, to which he answered, "they should be able to hold my lizard".

then after much thought he said that they must be smart enough to understand him. 

this is where i held held my breath because that is a seriously tall order and i wasn't quite sure what he meant...

and then he said with a scoff, "you know, like when i talk about pokemon, they should at least be able to recognize that it is a pokemon"

boy i'm glad he is just nine.


PRP said...

He has to be the most self aware 9 year old out there. Love him.

Bella Mente said...

Lol this is the best! I was thinking the same thing.. a girl who could understand him.. that kid is so smart... the girl may need to be coached through :) Too cute!