Saturday, March 19, 2011

my little mommy

i love little notes.
i especially love giving little notes to my family.
a little note lay on each dinner plate for st. patty's day.
a note is always tucked in their lunch.
if i have to spend the night away from my wee chickens there will be one for each night i am away.
sometimes i include a corny joke. 
sometimes it is a drawing.
sometimes a little poem.
sometimes i put a touch of my perfume like you see in old movies.
sometimes i tell them of all of the things i love about them.
but always it is just a little piece of me for them.

and she is just like me. 
maybe not just. 
my head-in-the-clouds-noni seems to know how to say what people need most.

when she went to her very first sleep over for one of her bff's, she left a little note for each of us.  on papers a touch bigger than a fortune, she told aidan to be good to mom and dad, and she told dad to be good to aidan, margo and duke. 
to me she wrote i appreciate you mommy.  she asked aidan for help spelling appreciate, but come on! would anything melt your heart more than finding a note from your baby girl that tells you she appreciates you?!?

i am keeping her forever. 


Bella Mente said...

Little Nadia :) So sweet and caring!

Uhm.. who is Duke?!

Monique said...

You have such a a perfect little mommy! I love that she has the best 2 role models possible for parents.

I miss you tons. I hope all is well.