Thursday, March 3, 2011

like weeds i tell you

it is no secret that my biological clock has been ticking like crazy. 
i think you can hear it chime half way around the world. 
i have been baby crazy to put it mildly.

i am sure part of it has to do with my bestie having her own little bundle of absolute perfection and another on the way. 
i am sure another part of it has to do with the fact that every other person i run into at work is expecting...
      like seriously...i found out another one is today. 
i know for hurtin'-certain that a big part of it is hormonal...yeah that's fun.  just ask tony. 

but i think the biggest part is missing my lovies at all of those little stages. 
especially four. 

i absolutely flippin LOVED four. 

i loved four year old voices, all squeaky and excited about everything!
i loved blond, blond, super blond hair that more than once lead someone to the question of their paternity. 
or maternity for that matter.  good times. 
i loved being able to rock them & crack them up & unabashed kisses. 
i miss my four year old lovies.

people always say enjoy it while it lasts.

but now...

my wee boy wears my shoes to swimming lessons

and my sweet girl can put her own hair up in a ponytail. 


that also means i am that much closer to stealing their clothes
and they are that much closer to getting themselves ready for school,
not to mention sleeping through the night
and edging ever so close to being able to go out on a date without a sitter. 

bright side ladies and gentlemen...
always focus on the bright side.


PRP said...

I adore you.

I know your sweet little mind has been preoccupied with this for some time and I wish there were some magical solution to fit everyone, but your attitude will make it all right in the end. Good for you. Love what you have, because it's something spectacular.

Anaface said...

OMG I thought those pics were of YOU!

Bella Mente said...

I loved when they were 4 too :) Nadia's screeching giggle oh my goodness- I could laugh for days just thinking about it..she still does it from time to time when I see you guys (so cute) and Aidan's stories and charades- he still is "street" smart and not to mention highly intelligent- seriously I tend to think he may be a genius!

Your family rocks it to say the least :) I dont think another little Bachart would be a bad idea (not that I am encouraging anything...) :)