Sunday, February 27, 2011

one of those posts that drones on and on and on

about nothing really...

just updates of what we have been up to.

things like work and school and grocery shopping and laundry...
the youshg (that's short for usual. i use it because i am super busy and super cool and no i am not trying too hard...).

there were homework meltdowns.
there were smiles in the morning.
there were fah-rezz-zzz-ing temperatures accompanied by frozen nose-holes and chattering teeth and warming by the fire.

there was a mommy-part surgery (margo's not mine...eww). i am strangely sad that i won't hear the pitter patter (more like thumpity thump) of a bunch of lil' margolitas. 

there was a birthday celebration.  happiest birthdays mom!  there was dinner, dessert and presents...

followed by a shelter in place reenactment when spark dropped a bomb. sorry mom.  but look at how she rocks that riverhawks shirt!

ahh...i embarrassed him.

there was a girl scout thinking day with a dramatic reading given by troop 3554.

note the looks of dutifulness, concentration, dedication.......
and then the look of la-la-land on the end. 

her job was to tease the lion.
for her the best part was spending time with one of her besties. 

there was a 24 hour fever for a mr. aidan. there is some serious stuff going around. we missed uncle jamie and cooper at my mom's celebration because of bronchitis. there were earaches-a-plenty with friends.  my whole school is out of kleenex! 
i do hate it when my lovies are sick. i not-so-secretly love it a little too because he asks me to snuggle with him.  well, me and his pet gecko, razor. i hope my snuggles are a little better than hers. 

huh. and we wonder why men are such babies when they get sick. i know i am teaching this one to be. it is the only time i get to baby him.

AND i can't forget...
there was dinner with friends and fantastic food and great conversation with hopes to do it again soon when all our peeps are healthy.


PRP said...

I love your recaps. Hope all Aidan is feeling better...I am hunkered down with a sick squish and a sick Austin today. Stupid ear infections!

Bella Mente said...

Sounds like you have all been busy! I have to admit, I am a little sad about no margolitas :(

and Spark's bomb- hilarious! haha, those are pretty bad.. I always thought they were Margo!

Hope Aidan gets to feeling better- you are one amazing momma.. I do not think I could snuggle with Razor! Have a great week!!