Wednesday, March 16, 2011

this doesn't mean that i am growing up to be a fuddy duddy, does it?

what would you do if you saw a pair of lacy electric blue underthings in the middle of the hallway of your beautiful high school while 1800 teenagers were dashing out of the building?  would you

a) walk right on by.  no way, no how are you going to touch someonelse's chonies, let alone in public.

b) quarter off a 10 foot section of the hallway.  this is a crime scene people.  alert the authorities.  a girl wearing fancy pants like that is up to no good.  besides, we are dealing with a possible bio hazard here. 

c) discretely pick up the drawers and put them in the lost and found.  someone will be missing those pricey panties and will want them back.  maybe you could even post it on facebook so the lady can find her undergrunders.

d) locate the nearest, nicest adult and report the sitch because you are way too squeamish and way too young to handle this without backup. relay the story in hopes that they will at least run interference between the thong (yes, i said thong people) and the hormonal, giggly teens who just might think they are yours.

any bets on what this super cool, straight shooting, ask me anything i am a biology teacher after all, freakshow did?


Anaface said...

e) none of the above. being a biology teacher your would suit up in your csi gear, then secure the scene and set to find the tofty tart trolling your halls.

MARISA said...

Ha-this is too funny! I'm guessing A. I wonder what Jack would have done? I'll have to ask him.


Bella Mente said...

hmm.. I think you picked them up with some lab tools lol.. I would love to hear what really happened!