Saturday, March 12, 2011

oh me oh my

what a week this has been. 

not my finest week of coping with stress.

but we survived.  together.  as always. 

and by together i mean tony was there listening, picking up the slack, making me think and making me orange rolls.

and andria was there texting me encouragement that i needed more than she will ever know.  maybe that is not true.  she always knows.  that is why she always does it.

and sara was there listening and making me laugh with off the wall note passing during trainings at the exact right moments i needed to let my mind wander.

and there was an email from a dear friend sharing unbelievable fantastic news that told me all is right in the world.

and there were a lot of little everyday niceties from people who probably didn't even know it is what i needed most.

even my nadia was there for what should have been the nerdiest most boring day on earth (robots, pokemon and 16 year old boys...serious nerdfest people).  but she kept it lively and lovely.

oh me oh my together we survived.  on to a new week.


Bella Mente said...

:( I am glad to hear that you made it through! Those days/weeks really bite the big one. So many people love you and think the world of you- I am happy they were there to make it better :)

Ailinh said...

Yes, on to a new (and hopefully less stressful) week! And fingers crossing that this week is not as pack full and stressful as it was last week. It's always good to know there are those who right there with ya to help uplift your spirits though.