Saturday, March 5, 2011

trying not to freak the freak out

apparently announcing on this little blog that i am so painfully aware of my biological clock tick-tick-ticking away causes alarm. 
...again, sorry tony.

so no.
         there are no plans to add to our foursome. 
and yes. 
         i am not handling getting older gracefully.
and really. . .
         i do think that maybe just maybe this is what it comes down to. . .

if he is old enough to sport one of these. . .  
even a sparse 'stach. . .

exactly how old does that make me?

and no. . . it is not dirt.  i tried to spit shine it off, and you know how a nine year old loves that.
and andria. . . if you say that you thought this pic was me too...
well i am not sure exactly what i will do
but we might have to reenact the great porch brawl of '94. 


Anaface said...

Mel~omg I thought that pic looked just like.....not you come on! I am not a fool!

Bella Mente said...

lol! I am sorry! On your last post I totally didnt mean that you were wanting one or having one.. just kind like to fool around and encourage the funness since I myself will not be having one for sometime ;) Love the picture of Aidan.. and if I might add... I think you have nothing to worry abou tgetting older- my GOSH..still as beautiful/hip/fun/cool as when I met you 7 years ago.. and I dont think that will ever change!