Wednesday, January 25, 2012

35 happened

on sunday i turned 35.  my dad likes to say that you have lived 35 years and now you are working on number 36.  it sounds scary.  like life is half over scary.  but that is not until i am 39 1/2, and i know this because a very old carny woman told me at the county fair that i will live to be 79.  that gives me a strange bit of comfort.  tony, she said, will be 81.  i like that he outlives me, but i am hoping i die at 79 and 364 days and he dies at 81 on the dot because i don't want to be apart that long.  301 days if you were counting. 

but really who wants to think about that?  let's talk about presents!

mother nature gifted me with a couple extra days with my family thanks to the snow. that was exactly what i needed. well that, and breakfast in bed and a sweet scavenger hunt.  and wings... and chocolate cake that says you are 21 and then sucker punches you with a ha ha... and ice cream.

i am hear to tell you my fine feathered friends, mid thirties have got it going on.  you are young enough to be fun and to have fun. you are old enough to take things as they come, because it always works out in the end.  you know the difference between being alive and living.  you are more sure of yourself.  you laugh at your mistakes.  you own your insecurities.  you enjoy learning new things like never before.  you love every detail of the life around you because even the not so pretty parts are proof that you are living.


Unknown said...

You made me cry...I hope the old lady is wrong and you both go at the exact same time because I can't imagine one of you without the other.

Monique said...

You made me cry too! 35 hopefully will be my best year in a long time. You give me the get going...running 5 miles? I'm so impressed...AS USUAL! One of these years, we WILL celebrate our birthdays together again! It will be a blast. Cheers to 2012 and all that our 35th year of life brings to us!

Love you,

Melanie said...

No tears people!
Monique!!! We have to celebrate our birthdays together again! That is the best idea ever!!