Wednesday, January 11, 2012

oh my goodness i totally made this!

no, not this.  well, actually yes this.  it was my first attempt at crochet.  i intended for it to be a scarf, but it turned out to be an ascot of sorts.  i was too impatient to get another skein of yarn, so i finished it with a little hole to tuck the end in and a button...
not this either.  but technically, i did make her. i am really proud at how she is turning out too, but am starting to think that the reason i am impatient in my little crafties is because all of my patients is used up with my wee ones and my school children.   look at her crochet.  that concentration, that technique, those eyelashes! she can make a chain five feet long faster than i can do three rows, nine stiches wide.
speaking of nine stitches...this is it.  i made this hurking scarf.  this beautiful, steel blue, hurking scarf.  it is like a giant blue lion's mane.  i made a little looptiy loop detail along the whole edge and stitched it's ends together.  i took it apart 42 times to make sure it was even.  

and every single time someone said 'cute scarf' yesterday i practically tackled them with "i made it!!!!!!!"  super annoying i know.  but cute, am i right? 


PRP said...

I freaking love them both, the ascot and the scarf that could clothe a small village. They rock, you rock and you teaching Nadia rocks.

Heart you and your family.

Bella Mente said...

I'm jealous! I do not think I could have the patience for that!! They both look amazing!!