Thursday, January 19, 2012

what to do on a snow day

this is not a how to.  this is a what did.  or going to. 
it is really an ice day, not a snow day, so tobogganing down the local hill will so not happen for us. 

did i mention all of us?  as in the four of us? tony didn't get a snow day, but he did get a sore throat and bye bye red mama day.  red mama tried her hand at ice skating and lost.  it stinks.  like literally smells of burning car.  poor, poor, red mama and poor, poor, tony. 

so today we will spend reading, and lounging, and toasting our tootsies by the fire.  oh, and doing laundry and cleaning the house because someone is turning old this weekend.  and waiting for the insurance adjuster of course. 

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Anonymous said...

if your turning old that makes a certain someone even older, and Tony is not OLD! Speaking of Tony, I am sorry about your little spill on the ice, and RIP Red Hot Mamma.