Wednesday, January 18, 2012

may i have a moment, please?

just one little moment on this here memory keeper to brag about my son? 

not because he creatively carved the hull out of his little boat to make a catamaran for the rain gutter regatta and didn't win one award.  not because he cleverly named it 'midas got it before i did' when he painted it gold, and not one person got it.  not because he lost every single race.  not because he calmly- yes, aidan calmly- told me that other kids were blocking him as he blew his little heart out through that pink straw, but that it was ok.  not maliciously blocking, mind you.  they are just excited little boys that want to be in the middle of the action.  but no out cries of injustice from aidan?! awesome. 

but that is not why i want to brag...

(and yes, i totally know i just bragged about all of those things, but i disguised it by saying that is not what i wanted to brag about, so it's all good, right?)

i want to boast about the character of my little man. 

you see, there was a little after competition drama that went down.  one boy's mom decided he couldn't blow through a straw because he is asthmatic.  now, i am not all unfair-advantage-stage-mom here or asthmatics-can't-participate, after all, aidan has asthma too.  i just now the ruthless nature of this particular mom.  she happens to be the scout mom sent directly here to test even the nicest parent's patience.  anyway, back to the drama...  a couple of boys decided that it wasn't fair that one boy got to bend the rules and ended up placing.  they cornered him, out of eyesight of the parents, and decided they were going to show him a little fairness with their fists.  aidan and another boy intervened.  let the record show that aidan, mr. i-gotta-win, lost to the strawless boy.  he knew it was unfair. but his little peace loving self also knew that you don't solve issues like this by beating the kid down. he saw the situation clearly enough to know that it was the mom, not the boy, who bent the rules.  to top it off, he discretely told me the sitch, which is exactly what i would have wanted him to do. 

this kid hung my moon, not the moon, but my moon. 
i think a little bragging is in order.  i couldn't be prouder. 


PRP said...

You can take all the moments you need. What a stud. He must have some exceptional parents to have learned such a valuable lesson at his age. A way to go Aidan!

Anonymous said...

Words can not describe how proud I am of you! Proud of the parenting you two have fostered in Aidan and proud of integrity that he demonstrates!

Tracy said...

I am not surprised by any of it. Aidan is one of the sweetest boys I know and you definitely should brag about it and him!

Anonymous said...

Way to go MISTER!!!! Proud of you! What you did is what Men and Women talk about doing but rarely ever step up to do! Thanks for being a man!