Tuesday, January 3, 2012

please tell me 2012 didn't turn my brain to mush

i have been so very scattered today.  and yesterday.  and the day before when i had planned to welcome in the new year on my little memory keeper here.

back to today...i came down to get started, but then i put eggs on to boil, went upstairs to put a load of laundry in and got totally sidetracked looking at aidan's new gecko habitat that i completely forgot about the eggs.  don't worry, i didn't boil them dry and make them explode.  that was so 2011.  but then later, when i was trying to organize some contacts for a birthday surprise for nadia, i stopped mid way and decided to bake banana bread.  half way through that i remembered to spice up the chicken for enchiladas tonight.  i managed to get the chicken on the stove and remembered that i needed to fb a question to someone which brought me back to the contacts for nadia's birthday.  i promptly got all kinds of sidetracked plugging food into my calorie counter app ('tis the season, am i right?) which reminded me that tony asked me to wash pants so he had something to wear to the gym later.  while up folding laundry i realized that i hadn't set a timer for the bread and then that i had wandered off leaving the broom in the pantry, thinking that i would sweep my bathroom later. i managed somewhere in there to get some emails done, work on fractions with nadia, discuss the process of making 3D with aidan, hang with sara and the dynamic duo, let the dog out, let the cats in and dishes, all that jazz. 

and then remembered that i was indeed writing a post about the new year. 

that is when i stood motionless for way too long thinking about all of the arbitrary paths i have taken today.  and how that is how all 2011 has been.  run here, prepare this, run there, watch that, meet now, schedule for later. and it goes on and on and on. and it goes on and on and onnnnn! i throw my hands up in the air sometimes, singing aaaaa-ooooooo, gotta let go. 
there it goes again.  my crazy mushed up brain.  i don't know how i get anything done.

seriously, though.  2011 was a year of everything.  highs and lows and new adventures.  it was a year of planting seeds for our future selves.  like kayaking.  who knew i would love it?  and running.  who knew i could do it? and camping?  and riding our bikes for miles! and crochet!  and deeping our relationships within our little family all the while! 

i am pretty sure 2012 is going to be a year that lets us weed out all of the meaningless stuff and focus on the things that memories are made of.  instead of focusing on the can'ts and the won'ts that resolutions typically elicit, for 2012 we made a bucket list of sorts.  

a list that stemmed from all of the seeds of 2011.  the adventures range from family game nights to surfing and skiing and input was gathered from each bachart.  this list will help us make memories and we will certainly make memories getting sidetracked along the way. it is chicken scratched and doodled and tattered and perfect.   


Bella Mente said...

:) Love it! and WOW.. you sure do know how to multi-task!!

Tracy said...

I see I was invited on the outside sleepover, which sounds devine, but I'd really like to be included on Waikiki. :)
You crack me up. My head was literally spinning as I was trying to get through your day with you!
Happy NEW Year!!!

PRP said...

This is me, every single farging day of my life.

Glad to know I'm not the only one!