Friday, January 20, 2012

hang on tight

let's talk about siblings.  i think of them as memory keepers.  i'm so glad i have mine, even though their memories are a bit skewed sometimes.  for the record i did perfect the 'pet the kitty your sibling is holding just so, distract with cute kitten conversation, next thing you know the kitty is now in my arms' move, but i didn't employ it every time they had a kitten.  just most of the time.  exaggerators. 

i do have a limited memory and often need their spark to get it all straight back in my head. i consider my sister and brother to be the best gifts my parents every gave me.  technically, since i'm the baby, i was gifted to them, but whatever.  i appreciate their perspective and their listening ear and their support when i need it.  which brings me to my little darlings...

no not those two.  they are cute though.  and they love to sleep all snuggled up together. 

these two. 

i caught them snuggled up on the couch together.  we have two full sized couches and two chairs in our living room, but they chose to smash next to each other because that is just what they do. 

and then later, i found them like this. 

sharing a bowl of popcorn.  kicking back.  watching the tube.  they could have easily gotten two bowls, but sometimes this is just how they like to be, together. 

i hope when they are all grown and aidan is busy running his zoo and nadia is designing it, they manage to hang onto their relationship tight.  after all, they are the ones who will keep each others memories straight. 

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