Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1 2 3 4 get your booty on the floor

i think in numbers.  not like how many hours of sleep did i get kinda numbers.  or even how many benjamins in the bank kinda numbers.  i destress in numbers, a little known fact that i realized the other day when i was counting stairs all aerobic instructor like [one and two and three and four and five and six and seven and eight]. 
i count.
i tally.
i work out math problems. 

i know! nerd!
my favorite is miles per hour.  when i am running, i like to work out my miles per hour pace and then figure out how long it will take me to run the next 1/2 mile or figure out how many minutes until my five miles are up.  or if i am running late, i figure use miles per hour to figure out how many minutes it will take me to get to my destination and try to weigh if speeding will infact buy me any time.  this was a favorite passtime on the drive from huntsville to walla walla when i was late for class.

i decision make in numbers too.  i eeny meeny miney mo, but with 1 2 3 4... if i land on an odd, it is a yes, an even is a no.  why odd/yes, even/no, because the word yes has an odd number of letters and no has an even number of letters.  or is it because i like being odd better than being even and so that is postive in my book.

where am i going with all of this?  i don't rightly know.  i just don't have anything bigger to contemplate right now.  for today anyway.  lucky me.  



Anonymous said...

is that the your cat that Dad thinks is so pretty???

Melanie said...

yes. that is b-u-c, as dad calls her. I think she is cute.