Wednesday, December 1, 2010

dapper dude

and he is my dude too.

my little man.

my sweet boy who wants to understand poverty so he can help all of the kids who don't have enough.
...and buy them each a mansion with money tucked inside for taxes and stuff.

my thoughtful son who is going to dedicate a room for each of his friends, even the ones from way back in kindergarten, in his 'bridge across the ocean, five star wonder hotel zoo'.  (if you don't know what i am talking about, just ask him sometime.  he will tell you all about the intricacies of this amazing place he plans to build someday and he will probably even offer you a job.)

and how is he going to raise his bazzillions for all of this philanthropy? extorting his mom at 10 cents per graded paper. 

ehhh! it's all for the greater good.


Anaface said...

Look at that dapper duo! Aidan, what job will you offer Auntie M? BTW, I think Martha needs to see a photo of Allie, she is ready for her closeup!

PRP said...

That boy...there's just no one else like him. What a sweetheart!

Bella Mente said...

hahaha I love this!! The perfect pictures.. Aidan and his sidekick! Oh.. and I definitely think one day he will do all of that (Jake and I actually talked about it the other day) haha.. it was funny.. because Jake was talking about if that really appened.. he would totally be his financial/business ops guy! haha.. This kid will make it big someday! I cant wait to see where the dreams take him!

ps.. when I become a teacher.. I think I could offer 10 cents a paper ;) lol