Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a change in plans

after the three christmas whirlwind we were going to spend a little family time in downtown seattle living the big city life, but after seeing that pop was fairing so poorly we decided to double back and spend a little more time with gramma sue. 

but first a families got to eat right?  a quick walk down virginia to pikes place led us to our favorite french bakery.  croissants, cocoa and lattes always make us feel uber sophisticated.  that is until my 2% man made an appearance. i can't help myself. when i see an oregon ducks emblem, i have to say 'oregon ducks suck', even if it is to a cutie of all of about 9 in le panier, who thankfully was too focused on her chocolate croissant to hear.  i need therapy to cage my 2% man, serious, serious therapy.
maybe it is the food? maybe feeding that 2% man has made him grow out of control? maybe i shouldn't have traveled on to eat the single best thing i have ever eaten in my entire life...a beef and onion piroshky.  oh my mouth waters just typing it's name. the flaky bread encasing the sweet gravy dripping beef and caramelized onions.  i must stop.  the drool is out.of.control. 

on to gratuitous pictures of my lovies.  .  .  .  .  .  .
aidan forgot his beloved bunny so i got to act the part. he slept tangled around me with my face as a pillow.
enough feeding. enough sight seeing. enough picture taking. back up the hill to grandmothers house we go!
again, the look on her face, this time with surprise, was totally worth the change in plans. 

on an aside, tony insisted i take this picture. we didn't dine here, just walked on by.  i have had their pizza and it is a fine pizza, but not enough to log its sign on our little journal here.  but ehh, tony liked the sign...


Anaface said...

Duck Suck Virus is an ugly virus and I am sorry to say you'll never recover from it.......On a lighter noter I love the psuedo-rodeo swine photos! I love the pie photo!

Anonymous said...

They suck. it is true. Want them to win the national championship but they still suck.