Tuesday, December 21, 2010

christmas christmas and christmas

that would be christmas one, christmas two and christmas three---bada bing, bada boom---all in one day.

at the bright and shiny hour of 5 am we headed off to arlington to christmas with pop and gram.
we were met by a little blizzard from prosser to the pass but that was all but forgotten when we laid eyes on gramma sue.  i love that woman, but again, that is a story for another time. pop, well, he is there in body but unresponsive all the same. we recounted the happiest memories while trying to prepare for the inevitable. after a good visit we were off to christmas two...

the bacharts of the west. (i get a wee bit self conscious of my picture-takin' so there are a skittish few pictures here.  who wants to be the freak stuffing a camera in every one's faces? well except for my kids & tony's because they have to love me through that). there is something so relaxing about the bachart house. we drank toasty coffee and ate a metric bum-ton of snacks while nana becky got all of the fixins for nadia to draw some birds and grandpa john set aidan us with the wii. i would like to think it is because john knows of my love of pictures that he gifted us a few of the bachart kinsmen but maybe it was to scare the bajeezeus out of us. 

actually, i love this photo and i love their striking features. (i swear i have seen those eyebrows before).  this photo will have it's own place on the bachart bookshelf of family photos for surzees.

 off to the friend family christmas we go for christmas number three. that is not to read friends & family christmas. the family name is friend. this is where we are greeted by giant hugs from uncle steve, aunt peg, jake, lynn, amy, mike, andrew, mason, brody, max, lilly, don and letha.  and it is where we stuff ourselves silly with the sweetest prime rib and mashed potatoes. i am sure there was other food, i know there was because my kids left with frosting on their faces, but it was all about the prime rib and mashed potatoes for me.  i am sure it is sacrilege to some to use your prime rib as a shovel for your potatoes but i simply couldn't help myself. after gorging, the kids prepared for santa.  the big guy always pays a visit to the friends.  who wouldn't with that kind of hospitality? this year when he said ho ho ho, my nani's face fell.  she said i know who that is. shoot!  the kids were spoiled rotten again, aidan is in book-heaven, and the traditional dice-game was a hoot.  it was a late night, but worth it to spend time with out loved ones. 

all that in one day! i can't wait to share about day two!


Bella Mente said...

Hah, that picture is honestly so classic.. and super freaky... lol reminds me of the lady from Stay Alive... plays off of the evil lady from Transylvania.. with a scary twisted story not meant for a blog.. but still.. haha.. at the same time though.. it can make me laugh.. so maybe it is not such a bad one! ;)Makes me wonder what my family looked like that many years ago?

Anaface said...

What great traditions! As for Tony's Iowa Family photos, you should move to Iowa, and David says ya'll should get your hair cut the same way!