Friday, December 17, 2010

double golden

golden birthdays are a special thing in our world, so a double golden should be double special.

how do i make it special for the man who loves me the way no one else ever could?
do i list all of the loves of his life so as to describe how truly spectacular he is?
                 like chocolate, our kids, sailing, laughing & me

do i say how truly lucky i am to have someone with so many talents?
                 like woodworking, asking what do you need me to do at always the right time & balancing

do i pay tribute to him with a song? he loves parodies so maybe something like a meet virginia
                           he's great at compromises
                           loathes ice and surprises
                           wears a do-rag 
                              when he exercises 
                           meet the tony 

                 ok, so that does not really do him justice and is completely lame.

so I will just quote the lovely man himself...

"i am happy to have had this past year with you. anything else i want to say to you i will say face to face (or nose to nose if you prefer)   
written in my 1995 yearbook

Happy Birthday Tony.  


MARISA said...

That's super sweet. Tell him Happy birthday from the Andersons. and Merry Christmas to your family!

PRP said...

Happy Birthday Tony! I hope your day is full of Starbucks and free of anything relating to Boy Scouts!

Bella Mente said...

You two are seriously an amazing duo :) Wuhooo and Happy Birthday once again Tony :)