Tuesday, December 28, 2010

what's that you say, slothmas is over already?

slothmas, our very own merry lazy & selfish holiday.

we have had this tradition for years, but this year is the first year it has had a name.
sloth- named so for the very little movement that happens throughout the holiday.
mas- of the latin root meaning more.

and there you have it, slothmas...

it is a lazy holiday spanning two days where bathing is only for relaxation
...and the door only opens for pizza delivery and letting margo out
...and we read to excess and follow that with watching movies
...and pj's are the dress code
...and eat leftover christmas dinner, thai takeout and desserts
...and we play cards  and games and build kinnex and cuddle with cocoa
...and we hold the laze-fest close to our hearts and hope it lasts forever

when my kids are grown with families of their own, i hope that we can keep slothmas for our own. inlaws can have christmas eve, my lovies can have christmas morning around their own tree.  tony and i will gladly travel to them. but give us two days of slothmas between christmas and new years for our own celebrating.  how perfect will it be to have my lovies all to ourselves for two days of ultimate family time?

three cheers for slothmas!!!


PRP said...

I love it! Sounds perfect to me. And now we have a name for what we've been doing for the past two days!

Monique said...

Hip hip hurray for sure! I love slothmas and embrace it! Miss you all very much.