Friday, November 26, 2010

don't cry for me argentina

i woke up to tony singing this song to margo this morning. 

actually i woke up to margo and her 5 o'clock whimper except that she saved it for 6:30...she's a peach that one.
then i got 'don't cry for my turkey dinner' stuck in my head...

snow snow snow snow

and then i thought why would anyone cry for my turkey dinner? it wasn't what i have come to know but it was warm and homey and wonderful none the less.

sure there is snow and ice everywhere but it sure makes for pretty pictures. 

sure my little nadia has had the worst illness of her life, a cough that can shake the silly out of a girl who is the queen of silly, intermittent puking when the coughing just gets to be too much and a running low-grade fever that has kept her couch ridden for nearly a week, but she is on the mend and is quite possibly the sweetest sicky you will ever meet.  after you hold her hair and kiss her cheek and are ready to rinse the puke-bowl, she looks up at you, smiles, shakes her head and says thank you. every. single. time.

my husband is hot...
and he bakes...
don't be jealous.
sure we are under quarantine and couldn't spend the holiday with our family ...but they exchanged turkey and stuffing and sweet gingered potatoes and jalapeno cranberries and blue jello and whip cream and sweet-hot mustard and roasted pork for our bacon and blue cheese corn muffin pies, veggie and bacon-chedder dip, pumpkin dinner rolls, salad and apple crisp.  no tears necessary there...we are eating like kings.

nadia & aidan keeping busy while we cook
sure my living room is torn apart, our dining room table is now our entertainment center, so we had to improvise and eat on the island ...but that just means that i am getting the built in book cases and fireplace with floor to ceiling mantle and two little square window that should show the sparkle of the windmill lights at night that i wanted.

sit up straight please..
oh please...

sure dinner was quick (ok dinner was, but maybe i spent a little too much time taking pictures) but the clean up was quick too, which made time to go see harry potter.(sorry movie-goers, we tried to keep our distance and not infect any of you). what a sweet feeling to have my children's heads resting on each shoulder while their eyes are transfixed on the big screen.

seriously, just one more...i mean it, ok?


Bella Mente said...

I love every bit of that.. minus Nadia being so sick :( I hope she feels better!

Can't wait to see what is becoming of this new wall.. sounds super neat!

Enjoy the rest of your break!

Monique said...

Love it...HP was so awesome. I always think of you Tony. I love the new look BTW!!