Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the thankful series part 4...season finale

there is so much left to say and only one day left until thanks-to-be-giving...
i am thankful for grandparents. my kids really scored big in this department.  come to think of it, our extended family pretty much rocks.
    ...if we need a grandparent to fill in when we have a sicky, grammie is there bright and early.
    ...if we need a cousin to giggle with, draw with or create the next pokemon evolution with, we have them, lots of them of all age ranges to make you laugh till your ribs ache.
    ...if we need a tio mono famous high five (or one of those awesome rolls from his fav resturant), he will oblige.  and aunt debi is always thinking about you when she is out, you might just get new pants!
    ...if we need an aunt to rally in our corner, aunti m is going to be there, don't mess with her little people.
    ...if we need a grandpa or a papa to listen patiently about all the crazy plans a 9 year old dreams up, we have that covered, they are also here in a heartbeat if we need some hard labor done.
    ...if we need great grandparents to tell a scathing story about tony, they won't tell you anything because he was apparently a perfect angel, but they will tell you how much he is loved.

i am thankful for pictures. i have a terrible memory but i am thankful to have these snippets recorded to help me remember important and very ordinary moments we have had together.

i am thankful for donuts and cupcakes.   oooo and appetizers that include melty delicious cheeses.

i am thankful for the seat warmer in my car. toasty buns are a wonderful thing.

i am thankful for my job. not only do i have moments where those adolescent stinkers warm my heart on a pretty regular basis and a job that affords me loads of time home with my babies and i have made some good friendships with my coworkers, but i also have had the chance to learn every day...and see some pretty amazing  things.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!


PRP said...

I'm thankful for YOU! Happy Thanksgiving Mel!

Bella Mente said...

Happpppy Thanksgiving to you too! :)