Friday, November 12, 2010

wouldn't have it any other way

there are days when i find a jolly rancher wrapper tucked betwixt the couch cushions and i feel like i literally could come unhinged
and when i say literally,
i mean that i am going to steam so
my blood vessels in my neck will burst
and my neck will explode and my head will fall back
from the sheer force of my pent up scream
unhinged...literally, if only there were hinges instead of muscle and tissue and such.
figuratively unhinged is what i really mean because i know that my vessels will not burst from frustration but it feels like they might.

but then there are days when i find a guitar pick sticking out of a picture frame
and i melt.
i leave it there and dust around it.
and when i walk into the kaleidoscope of color littering nadia's bedroom floor and am not as bothered that sara saw it this way just the day before.
when i think about how silly it was that i was embarrassed that she must have noticed the dog slobber on the railing i just shake my head. so what if she did? so what if she thinks i am the worst housekeeper known to human kind. 
she doesn't, she told me so this morning.
but it wouldn't really matter if she did.
the messes that are made around here
messes of doll clothes
and chess games
and trails of dirt brought in from making a worm sanctuary

are messes i wouldn't trade for anything.


MARISA said...

Thanks-I needed to hear that today. I have 2 extra boys around the house, and it's hard not to stress the mess! ;)

Bella Mente said...

:) You are awesome! I think more people need to think about things such as housekeeping as you do! Could save a lot of stresses which is a nice trade for adorable moments and cherishable memories!