Saturday, November 20, 2010


so i was just sitting there, hunkered up on the couch with seven kinds of guilt, as tony works his hinny off in the friggin cold, when i start blubbering over the end of little miss sunshine.
and then my little sparkalicious meows at me. 

he does this you see to ask me if i am ok. 
no really. 
he will meow at me from across the room and i say, "come 'ere camilla" and he comes running and i give him some lovins and all is right with the world.
but back to the meowing...
and the worry...
he has been listening to my hacktastic cough and is just worried sick over me.  i have been to the doctor, read an entire book, ate my chicken noodle soup and channel surfed through some chick flix.
i have a mini-me sicky companion too.  i cough. she coughs. i moan. she groans. she dozes and i space.
and my mind wandered through this little scenario only to stop on camilla. 
what is with that?
sure it is a nice name, but not one in my world. i don't know anyone named camilla. i don't have a favored character named camilla. and he is a he, not a she. but he responds so naturally to it.
maybe it is the tail. 
a tail like his needs a name with some flourish.  i tried to dress up his aidan-given name spark by adding some liciousness and even a little licious ding dog sometimes, but maybe he was meant to be a camilla.

and maybe my sleep deprived and cough pounded head just needs a little nap.

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Anaface said...

I think Spartikiss needs some lipstick and blush, you my friend need some sleep so your not so silly! I hope your feeling better soon, give your mini me a squeeze from Auntie M!