Sunday, July 1, 2007

Congratulations Lindsay & Mike

This weekend Tony and I attended our friend Lindsay's wedding in Wenatchee. I am really not one for weddings because they rarely represent the people involved, but this one was truly beautiful! It was Lindsay! Every detail said relax, have fun, enjoy yourself! Lindsay was the picturesque bride, the bridal party was classic and Mike looked handsome as well, mostly because every time he looked at Lindsay he was beaming. The food was just right and the cake was simple and delicious! Everyone seemed to be making wonderful memories of a wonderful event. I wish Lindsay and Mike a lifetime of simple beauty and wonderful memories!

Also, on a separate but related note, I must say that the three SESRC ladies, (that would be the a fore mentioned Lindsay, our cute friend Cori and myself) have matured quite well. I am more often the toot-er of anothers horn not my own, but I just looked a picture of the three of us from college and we were cute and all but really, you should see us now! Cori now is a sleek, blond bombshell. Lindsay is a suave and sophisticated beauty. I can honestly say that I feel like I fit in my 30 year old skin better than I did the 22 year old skin I clung to for far too long. Well done ladies! I do miss our hours of chatting between surveys from the SESRC days but I am very happy that we can all reconnect so easily when we see each other.

Not to push the point Cori and Lindsay, but there are still two lots next to ours over here on the East side:) I can only imagine the fun we could have! I would settle for a reunion (sans headsets) though...

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