Friday, July 20, 2007

ahhh summer!

I was feeling melancholy earlier this week as summer starts to wind down. We are starting to talk lunch boxes and back packs and school clothes and teachers. I will miss these silly days but we still have 40 more to go!

Perspective is a funny thing. If there are 40 days left until school is out, it feels like an eternity, but if there are 40 days until school begins it feels like it will go by fast like a bunny!

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jen said...

Thanks for leaving a comment after checking out my blog!
You're writing is intriguing!
We sold a home 2 yrs ago with a 3 mo old baby girl & 2 toddler boys. I feel your pain! It will sell before you know it. In fact don't clean, that's the day your buyers will appear ; )