Sunday, July 29, 2007

6, Ahhhh Good Times

Aidan turns 6 tomorrow. Time has certainly flown by, yet I can not imagine what life was like before him. As my first born he has been the teacher in many respects. I have learned so much about life through his eyes. For instance, right now he is trying to wrap himself around the concept of the almighty dollar. What a confusing set of rules, both socially and mathematically! He started to ask Grandpa for a present yesterday and Tony quickly reminded him that is not appropriate. He asked me if I wanted to get a job that made $80,000 and did not really understand why I do not. He is doing chores to earn money and has negotiated the rate with me several times. Well, extort is probably a better word. $15 for brushing your teeth is highway robbery! He is trying to learn fractions so he can understand that whole quarter thing. Couple that with trying to learn to tell time and you have a real quandary on your hands. His solution was a solid hand to his forehead in frustration. I feel that often, sometimes even with him.

Still, his tenderness comes out. He hums to his kitty which seems to calm her. He remembers to kiss me goodmorning. He plans dates with his dad so they can spend time together. At the park yesterday when Nadia lost her shoe he found it for her, without being asked by anyone and with no reward in sight.

He still gives us moments of side bending hilarity. Just the other day I was reminiscing about a dog we had once. I told of his life and briefly of his demise and of the kind words the man who ran him down offered my then 10 year old sister to which Aidan says with a sigh, "ahhhh, good times". And as Tony and I looked back at him he had the smile that burns my heart stretched across his face.

There are so many adjectives to describe Aidan, too many probably. I love that I can see bits of me and pieces of Tony in who he is, but he lives by his own rules. He has his own way of thinking. He is the epitome of individuality. When he was first expressing this individuality my mom offered sage wisdom, "Don't break his spirit". Not possible!

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Tricia said...

Happy Birthday Aidan!
Only one day before mine.
Although I'm not turning 6, not by a long shot! :o)